For active or retired military personnel or a dependent of someone who is, you qualify for TRICARE benefits through your DEERS registration. Military sponsors and families are registered into this computerized database.

If you’re getting married to someone in the military, you will need your marriage license registered with the State of Hawaii. This is a simple process but it will take a little bit of planning. The Health Department is the one who processes marriages. It takes the Departmene of Health up to (3) three business days to register your marriage after it is filed. DEERS can accept your spouse into the program when they received the processed paperwork from the State of Hawaii.

For example:

  • You get married on Monday and your paperwork is filed that same Monday. Your marriage should be registered by Thursday and available for DEERS.
  • You get married on Thursday and your paperwork is filed that same Thursday. Your marriage should be registered by the following Tuesday – 3 business days later.

It is important to tell your wedding officiant that you wish to get your marriage registered immediately. Here at Hawaii Civil Weddings and Marriages, we are able to register your marriage online right after the ceremony.