Intimate Wedding Ceremony - Just the family

Family Wedding at Keehi Lagoon

Sometimes life catches up with you. Having a family can do that. Sometimes, we get busy with raising our kids that we put off major life events - like marriage. I've met couples who have been together for decades and finally decided that they needed to tie the knot. Most of the time, they choose to keep it a simple and private affair with just their close family and friends. If this is your scenario, you're not alone. I've helped many couples seal the deal in a private and charming wedding ceremony that doesn't need to be a big production.

Whether you want a simply little elopement or even if you just want to sign paperwork for a legal marriage. You don't need to do it at a sterile courthouse. Check out our options to see what fits your needs. You'll be surprised to see how quick and easy it is.

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