Hawaii Marriage License

Getting a legal marriage in Hawaii

Gone are the days where you were required to have a blood test in order to get a marriage license in Hawaii . For a legal marriage in Hawaii these days, it’s just a matter of showing your valid IDs, answering a few simple questions and paying the fee (currently $65). You can even apply online for the license ahead of time before you make your trip to the health department. 

Sometimes couples are unavailable during the week when the Health Department is open (Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm, closed on holidays). Fortunately, there are other options. There are three other locations on the island of Oahu that can help you process your marriage application . They are at the Four Seasons Hotel, Turtle Bay Resort, and for military folks there is a marriage agent that works out of the base at Schofield Barracks. 

When you have applied for a marriage license online, you will receive a list of available marriage agents from all these locations. From there you can make a trip to the health department in downtown Honolulu without an appointment or you can call one of the other agents to set up an appointment.

After you have met with the marriage agent they will give you a marriage license that you need to bring with you to the ceremony or when meeting with the officiant  

Now it’s time for your wedding ceremony. You can get married just about anywhere. There are many beaches, parks or hotels. You can even get married at a private residence or even come to our office. And  you will not even need a witness . All you need to get married in Hawaii is a marriage license and a wedding officiant to perform the marriage.